About Me

My Name is Nanette Mickle.  I am mother of three wonderful children, an avid gardener, bird researcher and crafter of fine jewelry.  My greatest struggle is trying to balance my interests!

The Passion Begins

My life’s inspiration sparked while watching Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom as a child. I always wanted to be a wildlife biologist but as life would have it, a degree in business seemed more plausible. My business career, however, ended abruptly with the birth of my twins and they, along with my third child became my focus and joy.  

When my children were in their early teens, a hard earned opportunity arose and I voluntarily became a citizen scientist participating in a ground breaking study using geolocators to track the migration of Purple Martins, a species in decline.

The Jewelry

I decided to make jewelry and direct all profits towards ongoing research expenses. In the process, I found a new passion to support the old!  

My jewelry designs are original, nature inspired, made entirely by hand and with love!

All of my jewelry designs are original and made with love!