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"Using the Sale of Artisan Crafted Jewelry to Fund Scientific Research to Advance Bird Conservation"
Hi, I'm Nanette Mickle, bird bander, Purple Martin researcher, and crafter of fine jewelry. I created this website for two reasons. 

First, I wanted to provide information about my scientific research project on Purple Martin migration.  The purpose of this research is to better understand factors
that affect migration and survivability of Purple Martins and how it may be applied to other insectivores suffering serious population declines.  Additionally, I wanted to describe MAPS, a constant-effort (perpetual) research program in which I participate, that monitors the health and productivity of all our North American land birds. 

Second, I wanted to provide a vehicle for people to help fund the research.  As a volunteer, which by the way, accounts for most bird researchers, I have decided to sell my Artisan crafted jewelry and donate the profits to help earn the money needed to fund this scientific research. You can read more about the research in the About Geolocators and About MAPS pages, but as a quick summary:

I use tiny state-of-the-art geolocators (or backpacks, hence the name Birds with Backpacks) to study the migration patterns and strategies of Purple Martins, one of our long-distance migrating, insect-eating swallows. Information from this research will help us understand how migration is determined, how migration in Purple Martins (and perhaps other insectivores in decline) relates to climate change, and indicate stop-over areas along their migration route (and wintering grounds) which are in need of conservation efforts. In addition, I participate in the MAPS (Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship) program which employes the use of mist nets and a strict protocol of assessing the health and breeding status of each bird which has been netted and released.  This gathered information is submitted to the Institute for Bird Populations (IBP) for evaluation and analysis to establish where bird conservation efforts are needed.

All photos taken by Nanette Mickle
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