About My Jewelry

About My Jewelry

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For me, with age, has come a deeper sense of excitement in the smallest of things; a bird in song, a beautiful, red-ripe, homegrown tomato, or the texture found in a dragonfly wing.  It is my hope to capture these inspirations and transform them into unique handmade pieces of fine jewelry.

Most of my jewelry designs are inspired from nature and therefor have a nature themed motif. They can range from a realist perspective of a Nuthatch foraging for food to an abstract interpretation of a sea creature swimming in the deep.

All of my jewelry, unless otherwise noted, is made using either Sterling, Fine Silver, or pure copper.  All gemstones (unless noted) and pearls are genuine.  Glass beads are either Swarovski or Czech crystal, which are of the highest quality. In addition, when wearing my jewelry, you can feel good knowing that you are aiding  conservation efforts of our native birds.

I use several different techniques when crafting jewelry. A few of my favorites are fold-forming, etching, and beading.

Fold-forming involves the use of a hammer to strategically stretch the metal by pounding.  When one side or edge of a folded piece of  metal is stretched while the other is left intact, the side which is pounded will begin to curl or ruffle creating a unique organic shape.  When metal is hammered or pounded, it gets what is known as work hardened.  When this happens, the metal becomes very hard and brittle.  It must be annealed to restore the metal to its malleable state, otherwise the metal will begin to crack instead of stretch. Annealing is done by heating the metal up to the proper temperature with a torch and allowing it to cool. To make a pair of earrings, I go through the pounding and annealing cycle approximately 4 times. There is a pair of fold-formed copper earrings displayed just below the Birds With Backpacks heading on this page and in the collection of pictures to the right.

I have put together a slide show (below right) to highlight some of the steps needed to make an etched piece of jewelry.

If you see a piece of jewelry which is currently unavailable in my store, or are interested in a custom piece, please inquire about it.  Any of the pieces can be re-created, but kindly remember that artisan jewelry is handmade and no two pieces will ever be exactly the same, which is what makes it so special.

I have plenty ideas and inspiration for future pieces of jewelry. Please check back often because I will routinely be adding new pieces to the line.

Below are a few pictures of my jewelry as well as some inspiration photos for future work. 
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Below are the steps necessary to create an etched piece of jewelry.  There are a surprising number of them!
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